As American troops install razor wire in Arizona, images of the Berlin Wall resurface

Frances Lynch, 2018-2019 Fellow. This piece was first published by USA Today. "My Arizona home is an hour’s drive from the U.S.-Mexico border. Residents of border towns are not strangers to the concept of a border…
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The coming avalanche of autistic adults: Column

Cindy Godwin, 2015-2016 Fellow. This piece was first published in USA Today.  "Autistic children never really grow up. How are we going to take care of them? She’s sitting on the sofa playing video games. Dirty dishes…
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Olympics lack parity for female athletes

Maura Grogan-2013-2014 Fellow. This piece was originally published by USA Today. “The upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia will include women's ski jumping for the first time. Not only is this an important milestone for women ski…
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