Hate Toward Muslims Is Growing and It’s Donald Trump’s Fault

Negar Katirai, 2016-2017 Fellow. This piece was first published in Time. "A series of letters was recently sent to mosques throughout California threatening genocide against Muslims. At least one of the letters read: “There’s a new…
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Military Spouses and Kids Bear the Burden of Service

Kristine A. Huskey, 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow.  This piece was first published in Time,  "A proposed bill (HR 3016) would cut in half certain education benefits to military families granted under the post-9/11 GI bill. This is a slap..."
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Here are 9 ways to give more meaningful presents

Molly Stranahan-2015-2016 Fellow. This piece was first published in Time. “A few years ago, as I was wrapping the last of more than 100 gifts after midnight on Christmas Eve, I realized my love of the…
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