Science education must reflect reality: We only have 12 years to stop climate change

Dr. Felicia Goodrum Sterling, 2018-2019 Fellow. This piece was first published by The Hill. "A number of states had education bonds on Tuesday’s election ballots. Voters approved bonds to increase funding for education..."
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Oscar-Nominated “Hidden Figures” and the Ongoing Legacy of Overlooked Contributions in STEM

Heather Metcalf, 2016-2017 Fellow. This piece was first published in Truthout. "The depiction of these women overcoming segregation-era odds to serve their country in winning the space race seems to offer something compelling for all audiences, especially…
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A recipe for change: Creating a more inclusive academy

Beth Mitchneck , 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow, Jessi L. Smith, and Melissa Latimer. This piece was first published in AAAS Science, "Summary:  Although there has been a welcome increase in discussion about gender disparities in science…
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