Local Opinion: Dear white people: Don’t withdraw from tough conversations on race

Theresa Crimmins, 2019-2020 Fellow. This piece was originally posted in the Arizona Daily Star. "This message is for white people who are upset and feeling paralyzed right now. This message is not for people of color, black…
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Look But Don’t Touch My Daughter’s Hair

Cheree L. Meeks, 2017-2018 Fellow. This piece first appeared in Garnet News. "My daughter and I were in the grocery store and a very friendly white couple happened to be alongside us in the aisle. My…
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Not-So-Rosy Reality of Campus Race Relations

Beth Mitchneck, 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow, and Tess Carter. This piece was first published in US News and World Report, " College presidents can't rely on rhetoric alone to generate real change and opportunities for minority students…
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