The Five Holiday Gifts Feminist Moms Really Want

Heather Mace, 2019-2020 Fellow. This piece was first published in Ms. Magazine. "Last week, my husband popped a question that always leaves me speechless: What do you want for Christmas? As a working mother of three, plenty…
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Parent Like A Polar Bear

Stephanie Sklar, 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow. This piece was first published in Medium, "This past weekend I celebrated Mother’s Day with my children. It wasn’t Mother’s Day, but my adult children have busy lives and live thousands…
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Our Ordinary Lives Raising Children With Extraordinary Needs — Two Mothers Reflect

Carrie Brennan, 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow and Michelle H Marks. This piece was first published in The Huffington Post, "Parenting pulls us into the widest range of human emotion and experience: joy, exhaustion, love, frustration, miracles…
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