What do allergies, blueberries and the Masters Tournament have in common? Early spring

Theresa Crimmins, 2019-2020. This piece was first published on The Hill. "If you live in the Southern or Mid-Atlantic states, you are most likely well aware that this winter was very mild. January 2020 was the…
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Cockroaches are better than any of your exes. So why let a zoo name one after a person you hate?

Catherine Bartlett, 2018-2019 Fellow. This piece was first published by NBC Think. "In an effort to help animal lovers exact a modicum of revenge from their terrible exes during a season that celebrates couplehood, a number…
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Speak up about subtle sexism in science

Tricia Serio, 2015-2016 Public Voices Fellow. This piece was first published in Nature, "Female scientists face everyday, often-unintentional microaggression in the workplace, and it won't stop unless we talk about it, says Tricia Serio..."
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