Life Gender Isn’t Binary In The Animal World, Either

Catherine Bartlett, 2018-2019 Fellow. This piece was first published by RoleReboot.  "Gender isn’t binary with humans. With identities such as gender-fluid, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming, we as humans need to remain aware that the traditional boy and girl labels are…
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Featured Grantee Partner: Planned Parenthood Arizona

Interview Series: Transformational Grantmaking What are three interesting things people don't know about Planned Parenthood of Arizona? One thing that most people don’t realize about our organization is the extent to which we’re focused on proactive health and…
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Say Goodbye to Gender as You Know It

Patricia MacCorquordale, 2016-2017 Fellow. This piece was first published in Garnet News. "A few years ago, another faculty member and I were discussing a young student who we had in common. This student’s adjustment to the…
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