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Salon Series & Book Signing with Betsy MacGregor


On January 14, 2015 the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona will host its first Salon Series event of 2015 by special invitation.

Guest speaker and author, Dr. Betsy MacGregor will discuss her recently published book, In Awe of Being Human: A Doctor’s Stories from the Edge of Life and Death:  a physician’s reflection on living, healing and dying set amidst the challenging world of hospitals and hospices, the medical professionals who work in them, and the ever-present mystery of life and death.

Her speaking focus will further engage the audience on:

  •  the value of listening to patients at the end of life
  • what caring for people with terminal illness can teach us
  •  the evolving role that death and dying are playing in our mainstream culture
  • and the increasing public interest in focusing on this previously taboo topic

Biography:  For twenty years, Dr. MacGregor was a senior staff pediatrician and Director of Adolescent Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, a major academic medical center in New York City. There she also founded and directed the Pediatric Pain Management Program and the hospital-wide Program for Humanistic and Complementary Health Care. In addition, as a George Soros Faculty Scholar with the Open Society Institute’s Project on Death in America, she designed and directed a three-year research project entitled Dying and the Inner Life, aimed at learning from people with terminal illness about what it means to face the reality of one’s own dying. More can be found at her website:

Special thanks to Ann Lovell for her support in hosting the event.