This application is closed.

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If you applied during the official application period, but were not approved for funding in September/October, please check your email to see if the status of your application has been approved. The City has allocated more money to this fund so the status of your application may have changed. Be sure to check your spam/junk email folder for an email from us.


The Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona will NEVER ask for your banking information or charge you any fees. Please beware of scams. 


The application period has ended. Applications were accepted beginning at 10 a.m. on August 19, 2020 and ending at 5 p.m. PST on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. We cannot accept any new applications or changes to existing applications at this time.


Note: This information is about the Workers & Families Grant, which is part of the City’s We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund, which is the City’s distribution mechanism for federal CARES funding. Applications were accepted for the Workers & Families Grant in August and September. Applications are NOT opening again.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my application is approved?

You will be notified via email regarding the status of your application once approved or denied.


My application was denied in September, but received an email that my status was changed to approved in November/December. Is this real/legitimate?

Yes! More funding was allocated from Mayor and Council so we have been able to approve more applications.


I was not approved in September. When will I find out if I will be approved this time? Can I reapply?

New applications or changes to existing applications are not being accepted. 4-times as many people applied than there was available funding for earlier this year, so this next round of funding will go towards the current applications we already have. The applications have been sorted by “most need.” Only a select number of people will receive funding in the second round due to a limit on funding.

We are contacting individuals when their checks are ready to be picked up or go in the mail. If you do not receive an email alerting you that your application status has changed, we are very sorry but that means you will not be receiving a check.


I was approved! When and how will I receive the money?

We are offering delivery through a courier service (at no charge to you) and at least three check pick-up options every week through the end of the year to make it easy for you to get your check as soon as possible. All checks must be distributed by December 30 or by law, the money is automatically forfeited to the federal government. This is a federal mandate, and it is out of our control. There are no exceptions to this.

If you are unable to pick-up your check in person, we can deliver it to you via courier at no cost to you. If you have been approved and want us to deliver your check, please email us your Name, Address and Phone Number ASAP at

If you want to pick-up your check in person, look for the approval email you received in November or December for the list of check pick-up dates. Please arrive at the check pick-up date and time that works best for your schedule.


Where can I cash my check / I am having problems cashing my check / I don’t have a bank account?

We are aware that some check cashing places (Walmart, Frys, etc) are not accepting these checks. Do not go to a cash checking place. If they have to call us to verify the check, it will delay the process and they may charge you fees. If you do not have a bank account or are having issues cashing your check, please go to a BMO Harris Bank branch. They are familiar with this program and you will be able to cash your check because this is the bank we use and where the funds are coming from. BMO Harris is waiving fees to cash these checks at their branches, but you might need to remind your teller. Here are their locations:

  • 35 N Houghton Rd
  • 10655 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737
  • 1200 N Wilmot Rd
  • 4380 N Campbell Ave #100, Tucson, AZ 85718


Most banks will require two forms of identification to cash checks if you are not an account holder at the bank. Here is a list of accepted IDs:

  • State ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Law enforcement card
  • Employee ID (but not a pay stub)
  • Credit or debit card
  • Utility bill
  • Public services bill
  • Student ID
  • Military ID

If you are over 65, you can also use your SSN card, Medicare card, or voter registration card.


The rejection email I received in September said I wasn’t eligible because

  1. You do not reside within the limits of Tucson or South Tucson,
  2. You received prior COVID-19 relief, such as the Federal Stimulus Relief Check,
  3. Your income was not among the very lowest for Pima County, per your family demographic,

…but I DO live in Tucson / or I DIDN’T receive relief / or I’m barely making any money this year!

The email in September provided the 3 most common reasons why applications were not approved. Those reasons didn’t apply to everyone and may not be the case for you. Most applications were not approved simply because there were 4-times more applicants than available funding. We don’t doubt that you are in need and we are truly sorry we could not share better news with you.

To clarify point number one (residence location), there are many addresses which technically fall out of the city limits. This is a city stipulation and not within our control. Again, receiving that email did not mean you personally do not live in Tucson or South Tucson; it was included as a possible explanation.


How did you decide who was approved?

The families and individuals who have the lowest income and have not received any other COVID-19 relief were prioritized. We know these are challenging times and if you were NOT approved for this fund, we are truly sorry that we could not share better news. We believe you and the unfortunate reality is that the need in our community is so great that there is not enough funding in this particular grant for everyone who has applied.

There are many local organizations offering assistance, and we encourage you to call the community resource hotline, 2-1-1, if you have immediate need for services. Also, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick’s caseworkers stand ready to help on any federal programs, including the VA, Social Security, HHS, HUD, or others. The number to call is 520-885-3588.


Where is the new money/additional 4 million dollars coming from?

The Mayor & Council voted to put an additional 4 million dollars into the Workers & Families relief fund. This is in addition to the 3 million dollars allocated to this fund earlier this year. All of this is CARES Act funding, federal COVID relief money.


Is this just for individuals and families, or are nonprofits or businesses eligible?

The We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund for Workers and Families is only for individuals and families. Nonprofits can apply for We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Funding through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and small businesses can apply through the YWCA Southern Arizona.


What is the We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund for Workers and Families?

The We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund for Workers and Families is part of the City of Tucson’s larger We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund. This program is for individuals over 18 years of age and families who live in Tucson and South Tucson, who have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19, and have not yet received any state or federal relief money for COVID-19. Qualifying individuals can receive a one-time payment of up to $700, and families can receive up to $1,200.


Who is eligible?

For the new round of funding, ONLY existing applicants are eligible. You must have applied during the application window earlier this year, and you must have met all eligibility requirements – but this does not guarantee you will receive the funding.

These were the eligibility requirements of the original application:

Individuals and families may be eligible to receive funding from the We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund for Workers and Families if they:

  • Live in eligible zip codes in the corporate limits of the City Tucson or South Tucson
  • Are over 18 years old as of August 6, 2020
  • Have experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19 but have not yet received any other COVID-19 relief money from the state or federal government

No more than two families per address are allowed to receive a grant from this fund. Although these funds are distributed through the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, gender identity will not affect your eligibility. This fund is for all qualified workers and families, not just women.


How and when do I apply?

Applications are closed.


If I am eligible and receive funding, what can I use the money for?

The purpose of the We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund for Workers and Families is to provide emergency assistance to workers and families impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency; and specifically to provide short-term emergency disaster relief to help prevent eviction, prevent homelessness, assist with rent or mortgage payments, assist with subsidies for utility payments to preserve essential services, and other individual and family needs arising out of the economic impacts of COVID-19. Federal guidelines state that funds may not be used for property taxes.


Will my personal information be shared? What will you do with the information we provide in the application?

Although your mailing address is required in the application for verification of residency in Tucson or South Tucson, and might be used to mail your payment, your mailing addresses will not be stored for any other purposes and will not be included in Federal reporting data.


Do I need to report this when I file my taxes?

You will not need to report this in taxes because it has already been taxed.


I am concerned about fraud – for example, I believe I may have been contacted by someone other than the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, or I have come across a fraudulent check.

Please contact the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona with any concerns about fraud at 520-622-8886 ext 2.


I have other questions.

For other questions about the City of Tucson’s We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund programs, please call 520-791-2540.