Ann Lovell

Ann Lovell believes it is imperative that more women to step up and bring their best to every “table,” from raising healthy children to leading thriving countries. “Men and women have different skills,” she says, “and we need all of those skills to tackle the complexity of the global problems…

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Janice Monk, PhD

The spectrum of issues that women and girls face and the web of connections among those issues are of keen interest to Janice Monk, PhD. That’s why she supports WFSA and it’s one of the reasons that kept her at the helm of the University of Arizona’s Southwest Institute for…

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Len and Doris Coris

Family, philanthropy and travel are important to Len and Doris Coris. They have two daughters who live in San Francisco and New York with their families. Since their arrival in Tucson in 1997, Len, a personal financial planner and wealth manager, and Doris, a retired French teacher, have been actively involved…

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