Donor Advised Funds

New to Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)?  If you set up a DAF with the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, you can benefit the Women’s Foundation and other charities that are important to you. A DAF allows you to manage your charitable giving simply and efficiently. If you support multiple organizations or you want to secure a charitable deduction now but designate beneficiaries later, a DAF may work for you.

You can open your own DAF for as little as $2,500 with a simple agreement.  We do not charge a fee if you establish a DAF with us, provided you agree to give 20% of the distributions from your DAF to the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona. In each year that you contribute to your DAF, you will receive an income tax charitable deduction. Once your fund reaches $10,000, you may recommend grants to your favorite charities.

To learn more about Donor Advised Funds at the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona, please contact Jill Bishop, Vice President of Philanthropy at 520-622-8886, ext 4 or